Cosman Family History
Succeeding in the Next Generation

Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc is more than a company in the waste industry; it is the pathway of building a better company in the waste industry. Our CEO has a storied history in the waste industry. His father, Jim Cosman, Sr., was the former President and COO of Republic Services and Regional Vice-President of Browning Ferris Industries, Inc (“BFI”), now combined to make up the nations second largest solid waste provider.

Yet, there is a line that is drawn deeper between our CEO and his father. The patriarch, Cosman Sr., and our CEO spent their early years playing professional baseball before getting into the waste industry. Our CEO spent time in the New York Mets minor leagues and his father; Cosman Sr. spent time with the St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs both in the minor leagues and in the major leagues. The drive of each man, the desire to take on challenges, the determination of each of the Cosman men to treat each person they encounter with respect, honor and service was learned on the baseball fields all over this country from Tacoma, Washington to Pittsfield, Massachusetts to Port St. Lucie, Florida.

“Management is a unique quality derived from life experiences and both formal and non-formal training.” Whereas Cosman Sr. engulfed himself in business and management books to overcome his non-formal training without a college degree; our CEO was allowed the opportunity to earn two degrees in business and Accounting from the University of Mississippi while playing Division I baseball. Although different pathways for each, our CEO developed a keen understanding of perception, identification, listening, modeling and challenging the successes and failures of his father’s decisions over the years in the waste industry. Each Cosman applied their knowledge from the passion they had for baseball into the waste industry; but more importantly, Our CEO was honored and humbled to have a father mentor his own vision of what Management should be on a grander scale.